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Striving to live a Self-Sustainable Life

When it comes to healthy living; there are many things that I hope to implement.  Striving to live a self-sustainable life is definitely one of the major things.

Self-sufficient or sustainable living means that you work to provide what is needed for all of your own needs. This also means that you aim to live without external help or resources.

Living a self-sustainable life requires great skill and independence. It may also require some upfront investments. What makes it worth it though, are the many benefits that self-sustainable living offers. 

Reasons for Striving to live a self-sustainable life.

Here are just a few reasons why I strive to live a self-sustainable life:

  • I want to provide healthy, organic foods for our household.
  • I want to be in full control of planting and harvesting the foods we eat. Knowing exactly what we consume is important.
  • I want to be in control of the products we use and the ingredients they contain.
  • Feeling a sense of independence and financial freedom is important to me. 

There are many more reasons that I can think of as to why we should all strive for a sustainable life. Here are some more general reasons. 


Preparedness is perhaps one of the biggest reasons. If anything goes awry, you’ll still have some foothold.  In this day and age, anything can happen as I am sure you know.

Let’s take the present example of COVID-19. Living a self-sustainable life would’ve been one of the best things for you. Stores were hard to be in and even certain items were not available. 

It could be something of a political nature. Big cooperations are getting bigger and smaller businesses are slowly getting pushed out.  Now more than ever, we should all be trying to sustain ourselves in some way. 

Caring for the environment

There is also the all-important reason of caring for the environment we live in. With self-sustainable living, less waste is produced and support is given to small business whose mission match yours. 

At Joys From Nature, we strive for sustainable living, not over for ourselves and our communities but for our environment and eco-system. 

Things you can Implement Today

Although at this time it’s hard to live the life you want fully, there are little steps that you can take. We try to use cotton packing for our handmade coconut oil soaps so we stay away from plastic. We also use glass containers for packaging instead of plastic containers. 

Joys from nature pure coconut oil soap. In sustainable cotton packaging.

On a more personal basis, we no longer use plastic within our household. We use glass water bottles, mental straws, wooden toothbrushes among other things. As well as we aim for organic produce and support our local farmers. 

These are just some of the ways that we try despite current circumstances. You too can try in your own way. 

There is no guide for becoming self-sustainable. And, it is most definitely not going to happen overnight. 

Another way you can try is to look for opportunities within your community to barter. Yes! barter. You can try to trade your homegrown produce with some of what your neighbor produced if you have the capacity to grow.

You can also look for suitable jobs in your area and operate from home when possible. Perhaps start a business. 

From trying each day to live a sustainable life. You’ll learn new skills, achieve some amount of financial freedom, and learn how to make things last. 

It is in human nature to prefer options; and, there are always alternatives to what we choose. 

Summing it up

Essential what we are saying is that It depends a lot on your current situation as well as your community what you can do when striving to live a self-sustainable life. Even carrying your own reusable bags to the store and buying unpackaged produce in glass containers is a great place to start. Just start somewhere.

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